Sunday, March 22, 2009

Saturdays events

Yesterday we took part in a long standing outdoor gear tradition in Salt Lake, we sold and bought at the Black Diamond swap. This is a parking lot teaming with Subarus, Tacomas and beard laden men, dogs on leashes of webbing and carabeaners and lots of old and new killer deals. If you haven't attending this wheeling and dealing event it is a fun thing.

We (Ben, me, Mike and Mieken) set up some camping chairs and threw out our unused stuff in hopes someone else could find some value in it. We sold my old Yakima bike rack, some ski poles and pants and some skis and boots for a friend. We made sold enough to buy a few items and come home with cash. It was a good haul after all. Most exciting I have some more cash for the fork...


Life out Here said...

AH!!! I missed it!!!!

Rae, really. You have to remind me about these things!!

Life out Here said...

Hey- what happened to Chris' blog??