Sunday, March 15, 2009

Cold ride

This obviously isn't me, but it gives you a good visual of the freezing nature of the following story.

Friday I went on a road ride up a little canyon next to our house in Heber. Needless to say it was a good ride, uphill about 9 miles. It was a bit chilly, understandably because it was about 8:30am and it's still winter up here. But not so chilly that I was turned away. I decided not to wear a second layer of tights because it was sunny and looked so warm. So finally I got to my ending point up the canyon, time to turn around. So we all know that after you go up you must come down right? Well, I started coming down and very quickly all the appendages that were not thicker then a couple inches started to freeze. My computer clocked me at 55 mph at a couple points and going this speed in that temperature was probably the coldest I have been in years if not ever. It was so cold it was painful, I pedaled as much as possible to keep warm, but it didn't help much just kept me from going numb. Near the bottom I just started to groan and make funny noises, somehow that it supposed to help.

So when I got home and undressed, my toes were completely numb, my fingers were stiff and in pain, the skin on the front of my legs was red for at least an hour after and the tears streaming from my eyes ware practically frozen to my face. It was a great little ride, but I hope our world starts warming up. I'm ready for spring.

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