Saturday, August 14, 2010

sunny day at the puget sound

It's the kind of day where the sun makes all the leaves look neon green when it shines. It's the kind of day where everything looks happy because the sky is blue and the sun is kissing everyone. We went to the beach today, we being me, Sydney and Turkish. We thought a hot summer day was the best day to sit on the shore with a breeze blowing. Turkish played fetch and swam probably a half a mile just going out, getting ball and coming back. A girl in a green shirt and white pants said he looked like a little motor boat, he left a wake behind him because he was so excited to get his tennis ball. Sydney decided she would only play fetch when she didn't have to get wet. She is a little prissy that way...she will tip her toes in, but that's about it. Every now and then I threw the ball accross the beach so she could play too. I sat on a flat rock and sunned my ghostish legs while I studied.

At one point a big freight train came by (this beach is lined with three railroad tracks that are used often). Turkish dropped his ball and ran to me with his stub of a tail "between his legs". He jumped on the rock next to me and sat as close as he could possibly get. Whenever the train made a lowder noise he would shuffle and try and get closer. Sydney just sat there and watched as to say, "chill out man, it's only a train". It was really funny until after the train left I realized I was all wet and hairy on my left side. :)

We had fun and we got our fill of Vitamin D. I love summer here, it's the pefect temp and it's actually sunny. I hope it stays summer unseasonably long.

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Day 367 or something like that

It's been a while eh? The blog has gone unmanned, or unwomaned as the case may be, for sometimes because our computer broke, we didn't have internet and so many other excuses I could probably think of. Either way, we are about 10 months into our stay in Washington.

For a quick update, we have moved into a cute little house in Shoreline, about 15 north of Seattle downtown. We call it the hobbit house, but it has a nice big fenced in yard for the dogs and a plethera of herbs for me to experiement with. We have strawberry, rasberry, bluberry bushes, and a grape vine, we have three types of poppies, daisis and all sorts of other beautiful plants. There is a fire pit and a stone pizza oven in the back. There is a small studio thing (room, house, whatever) with a composting outhouse toilet. The dogs love the yard and I think they like Washinton, there are dog parks galor and human parks that we take the dogs to. There are great biking and hiking trails that allow dogs as well. This town was made for fun in the sun, er...i mean cloud cover.

It's a very bike friendly sitty, but I still have been yelled at, had a bottle thrown at me and other funny things while road riding. But there are plenty of bike lanes and paved trails to get around. There are plenty of off road trails and plenty of parks to practice drops and jumps. It's like a breeding ground for air crazed bikers. There are also a bunch of girls that bike, I've met a number and they've been cool enough to let me ride with them sometimes.

Ben is spending much of his time at Shoreline Community College, taking 12 credits this summer. He has that same love/hate relationship with school I think we all have. He is doing well and working at a care/rehab facilty about 5 minute from the house. He is also starting to bike and has found plenty of climbing around and a few friends to climb with as well.

Our ward is fantastic. We have made a lot of friends who we enjoy. We both have callings, Ben coordinates the building and I am the Laurel advisor and Personal Progress person. We have great girls in our ward, I truly love working with them. They are impressive young women.

My job is crazy busy, suprised? I can work normal hours sometimes and not others, just the way it goes I guess.

Well, here is hoping I can keep up with more blogging in the future, cool ideas and thoughts I hope, talk to you all soon.