Sunday, March 15, 2009

Heelers really heel, go figure

So we have had some issues recently with our puppies. Apparently they do exactly what they were bred to do, they heel things that run from them. This desireable trait in this active bread is amplified when there are siblings living, eating, sleeping together. They work as a team to heel and without training to hone their skills, they heel people and other dogs and anything that moves.

I found this cool website when researching our puppy breed. This particular page explains how to walk your dog and use it as a tool for training. I have been doing this such walk for a while with the puppies and I see it's benefits. I have also read a book by Cisar Milan, "The Dog Whisperer". As much as his title makes me gag, he does understand the canine and he has great words of wisdom to help creating a happy life for your pup. The biggest mistake we all apparently make is to humanize our animals. They are not humans, they do have emotions, but not like we do and their reactions to this world do not come from the same place ours do. So, remembers you dog is a dog, not a human.

Anyway, I have made a new resolution to make sure our puppies get at least one long and vigorous walk/run a day and hope to fit two in, they need as much exercise as I can give them. When you see me or pass me on the street, ask me how this is going. If you all hold me accountable it will be easier to reach my goal.

If you are a dog owner, check out this website, it was very useful.


Life out Here said...

I watched one of those "Dog Whisperer" shows once; that guy really knew what he was talking about. And I so love that you have dogs. One day- one day.

Rae and Ben said...

I read one of his books, Cesar Milan. We've tried a lot of his stuff and it works great. I'm glad you read my blog Gina, no one reads my blog. ;)

Will said...

Rae, do you own the book the dog whisperer? I would love to borrow it if possible... Your Moab trip looks like tons of fun! Wish Will and I could have made it. Love ya!
P.S. this is Cass