Monday, March 30, 2009

Moab trip cont'd

BIKING: There has been interest in riding bikes so for anyone who wants to rent...Poison Spiker Bicycles has daily rentals for $40, that's the cheapest I could find, you can reserve them and I would suggest it (435) 259-7882. You can get rentals cheaper at the ORP at the U, but you would have to rent them for multiple days and haul them down, then its way more expensive.

If you are going to bike you should bring closed toed shoes (tennies are good), shorts, biking shorts if you have them, a breathable t-shirt, a helmet (if you don't have one you can get it with the rental), water bottles (at least 2), sunscreen, sunglasses, gloves (i have a few pair if needed), food (energy bars or pbj).

CARPOOLING: Anyone who can drive and is willing to drive please say "I". This will help me plan carpooling because yes, we should carpool for sure.

I also need an accurate count of who is coming, please say "ME" if you are planning on attending. :)

Here is the list of everyone going so far: Ben, Rae, Josey, Amanda, Andrea, Garrett, Cendy, Katie, Pete (Ben's bro), Desi (Rae's sis), anyone else is invited, who did I forget?

Cendy, you can park in our garage.

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Life out Here said...

Hope you had fun on your trip, Rae!