Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Day 3

That's it, day 3 at the new job, day 5 in Washington. Today I long lined for a hippotherapy treatment session. We went outside and on a huge dirt road. This road is gated off for cars and almost gated off for horses except for a small opening on each side. Apparently the horses are cool with this narrow way of passage and the sidewalkers are as well, the problem is if the driver is newer to these narrow ways of passage (me) then the steering is as great and some sidewalkers is smashed. :) hehe. Luckily the therapist and volunteers were very patient with me and understand that they won't get smashed every time. :)

Then I taught a private lesson to the cutest little boy. I feel much more in my element with the private lessons, that is what I have been mostly doing at the NAC. We had a pretty good lesson, it went by fast of course, but afterwards the volunteers said that I really connected with him and he was the most responsive they have ever seen him. They said for whatever reason he was way more focused then usual. So, just a little patting myself on the back because I have felt a little overwhelmed and under qualified. To have an obvious success made me feel much better.

On a lighter note...I found two pairs of my underwear on the bathroom counter this afternoon, folded and possibly cleaned. I'm not sure how they got there and whey they were clean. I set them in my room on top of my black duffel bag. I came into my bedroom the other day and my pile of dirty underwear, on top of my black duffel bag, was knocked over. I didn't think anything of it really because I could have done that myself. But now finding the loose underwear in a place I didn't put it, I think the dogs have been rummaging through my stuff to see if they found anything they liked. Apparently they like my underwear very much and have been wearing it around all day while we were out. :)

Things are going well and I am having a great time, my brain is working over time and it feels good. I miss my hubby even more and am just trying to keep myself busy so I don't have to think to much about missing him. I sure love him and can't wait to have him here.

Until we speak again...

Sunday, September 27, 2009

New world

First day in Seattle WA. This is a photo of Pikes Market, not a photo I took obviously...but one I stole from their website. Anyway, I met up with Tera today, after church of course and we went to Pikes Market in downtown Seattle. Wow, what a cool place. It was late in the day when most vendors were packing up their flowers, jewelry, purses, art, and lots of fish for the evening. The narrow ally of open air shops was crowded anyway with people coming from the Wildcats (Is it Wildcats? Now I am doubting myself) Either way, there were a lot of football fans on the street. Tera and I ate some dinner and watched a huge barge, full of large metal boxes of something important I'm sure, get pulled into dock by two tiny tug boats. For landlocked girls this was a very exciting event. We watched these tiny 'little engine that could' type boats haul this million ton barge, it was spell binding. We talking for some time, by the way, Tera is here in Seattle working at the VA doing her large internship for Rec. Therapy. She has the town tapped already and showed me around. What a fun afternoon.

I must say though that I can't wait to come back and experience all these things with Ben. It is hard to see all these cool things without him. He has been getting a play by play via text message. Whether he liked it or not, he got my whole days events. I hope that makes him miss me less, I know it makes me miss him less.

Tera also showed me a really RAD bike part, downtown Seattle located under Interstate 5 (I-5), you heard me correctly, under a freeway. Check out this link for those who don't believe me.

These photos don't really do it the RAD justice it deserves, but hopefully when I ride it, you will all get to see RAD photos of me. :)

All is well here in Seattle and the Xterra is a champ, can't wait until you are here with me Ben.

Until next time...