Wednesday, March 12, 2008

First trip of the season

The day was Friday Feb. 29th. Ben and I hopped in the car after loading it full and drove south. It was my birthday weekend and all i wanted was a trip away from everyday life. We decided to head to St. George, best bet for weather and awesome climbing of course. We invited some friends who would be meeting us later that night. So we started our climing at Chuckwalla Wall. I climbed a 9 adn a 10 and Ben climbed his 12, first he lead it with a couple takes then he top roped it with no takes at all, he's my hero!

So we met up with friends and ate at Iceberg with the Highland Rugby team, they are definitely not a quiet bunch. After that, the Riley's, the Katelers, the Bates and us drove to our flat camp spot at Green Valley Gap and got ready for bed. It was a perfect night for camping, not a cloud in the sky. We woke up, made pancakes and eggs then hiked up the gap to climb. Everyone got to climb and hopefully had a ton of fun. Ben climbed another 12 and me, Josalyn and Danny tried it and made it up with a little belayer help.

We had a big fire that night and cooked tin foil dinners. It was a great evening until the wind decided to do it's own thing and try to blow us away. So we all dove for our tents and tried to sleep through the gail. It blew all night long, I woke up a couple times, but most everyone else didn't sleep much. The next day we tried to play and do some fun things, but the wind was so cold and really caused issues with fun. Josalyn bought me a cake from the Mexican mercado. We ate is as fast as possible so we could get back in the car to drive home. It was too cold to hang. So poor Katelers had to squish in the back of our little subaru because we decided to bring a boulder pad we didn't really use for it's intended use. Oh, well, sorry kastelers, sorry we squished you. We had a great time and I can't wait to go down there soon again to bike. I can't wait to bike period.