Thursday, September 27, 2007

Some pictures

Just thought I would embarrass my husband a little and show you how cute he is even when he makes a weird face. (Good thing Ben doesn't look at this blog, he would kill me for posting this picture of him...shhhh, don't tell him)

And here we both look really hot! We were at Ben's cabin, "The Ranch" and it was probably like 2:00am or're not supposed to sleep at the ranch by the way, its not allowed.
And a little blue steal. He won the much coveted male model of the year award for this shot.


Life out Here said...

Hot tamales! Those are some great pictures. =) How are you?

Maudsleys said...

Hey! it's cindy from YW, I found your blog through the marmaladepairs blog and thought I would leave you a note.It's funny what you said about posting that pic of your husband b\c he doesn't look at the blog...I do the same thing to AJ since he rarely does as well! Anyways, I look forward to getting to know you better but for now we can be blog friends as well!

Maudsleys said...

that's our blog address :)