Sunday, October 7, 2007

Weekend Update - a love hate relationship with nature

So, big plans this weekend. Big Moab plans. anyone who know me know that Moab is one of my favorite places and I was looking forward to this trip for months, all i wanted to do was bike pocupine rin, is that too much to ask for? But as we all know, the weather did not cooperate. So instead we stayed home and did stuff.

We did get to climb at the new gym Momentum, that was the saving grace of the weekend. It's very tempting to pay the extra loads of cash to get a membership there, what a cool place. The walls are high and I can practice my lead climbing...the bouldering gym is packed with holds, that is good and bad, I kept hitting my knuckles on holds. It's an impressive place, although it is in Sandy and very far from our home. i also found a car i want to buy, a subaru with way lower miles then my Honda...i put the Honda up for sale and one guy has already come to look at it. If you know anyone who wants a cute black Honda Accord, tell them to give me a ring.

Overall life is good. General Conference was great, i'm glad we have conference once a month, it gives new umph to the daily struggle to be a better person. i stuggle with the daily studying right now...but Bro. Oaks talk inspired me to remember the difference between good, better and best. What is most important in our lives, our relationship with the Lord and our families. I need to work on both relationships. Each moment is a chance to make that choice, good, better or best.

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