Monday, September 24, 2007


It feels so good to do something you keep talking about and saying, "oh, yah, i'm totally going to do that someday." I finally did my first Triathlon and I say first because I loved it and can't wait to learn to swim so I can do another one. I really enjoyed the race and I did alright for my first time, and for sucking at the swim. I have to tell you, the swim nearly killed me...I came in 41st out of 52 in my age division after the swim. I was 4th in the bike and somewhere in the 20s for the run, needless to say I was 17th out of 52 overall. Not too bad for minimal training and a flabby mid-section. I hope this small step for mankind can help me be more go-getter about other things in my life. I have so many "somedays", now its time to make them into TODAYS!


Life out Here said...

You seriously ROCK hardcore. I am so envious of all you still do! Congratulations on your triathalon, what an accomplishment!!

Rachel said...

I'm so impressed. It is one thing to say you're going to do a triathalon. It is another to actually do it. I can't wait to hear about your next triathalon.

Fae said...

I am all about templates as well. I can't seem to figure out how to do custom layouts. I think we should try to carpool one week.

Kenji said...

Way to go Rae!
I am so jealous, still one of my somedays! Come to washington and motivate me to accomplish my someday!
I like your blog, great job completing the triathalon! You are looking great!

Rae said...

Thanks for the cheer everyone...didn't mean to fish for praise. :) Its nice to hear from all of you.'re in Washington? What's going on out there, how many children you guys have now...fill me in.

Fae, just give me a call. Mondays adn Thursdays are a no go, I work 11:30-8:30 now. The other days work though.


Christianna said...

That is so awesome!! I really want to do one too. I was going to do the one at Snowbasin in August but something came up called being pregnant. But hopefully next year. I love that you have blog. I have one too!!!

Tonia Conger said...

Good for you Rae! I tackled my first triathlon just before Nate (Conger)proposed to me. In fact, I think it's the reason WHY he proposed. I'm sure he thought I was a mighty woman!
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