Sunday, September 2, 2007


I thought it might be fun to start a blog...what do you think? You having fun yet?

This is a good place for me to spout my ideas and thought and to tell you what we (Ben and I) are up to. Also a good place for you to do the same. Think of the possibilities that lie within an empty page.

Although, please be warned...this blog will be unsensored and odd at times as I will show little constraint and you all know how crazy I can get. :)


Life out Here said...

hee hee.... yeahhh..... =)

Katie and Austin said...

Cool I am excited you have a blog. I added you to our friends and family list on our blog. I can't wait to hear how your trip or oregon went...if you aren't going to post pics then email me and tell me all about it

Rae and Ben said...

Katie: glad you checked us out. I can't access your blog, whats the link? Out trip to Oregon went awesome, I'm going to try to post some pictures, I'm downloading them as we speak. We had a blast...I'll have to call you and we can talk about it. Thanks so much for your help when we were in Portland...what a cool city, we found a quaint Jepanese place that had awesome food. I think Ben wants to move to Oregon, somewhere along the gorge.

Stay tuned, I'm hoping to post something about the trip.

Will said...

Hey Rae!!
This is really cool! I want to make one. maybe someday eventually i will get around to it. So, when did you go to Oregon?
I dont know if this will work. This is Wills Google account.
Well, I love you. We love you. Talk to you later...
Love, Cass and Will

Jason and Carrie said...

I know you and Ben are probably getting stoked for the winter season already. Let us know if there are any back country plans in the works! We are still picking up trout in the green river and heading into the Uinta's whenever we get a chance. If you and ben want to use the "West cabin" this winter let us know!