Monday, May 26, 2008

Moving Sale

So we are having out Moving Sale this Saturday, the 31st. Just wanted everyone to know that they are welcome to come sell stuff or buy stuff. Desi will be brining over some stuff to get rid of, but we have a big yard. Let us know if you want to come.

Oh, and we have two new little additions to our family. A red heeler girl pup and a blue heeler boy pup. Both 8 months old, brother and sister. We have been looking for a heeler pup for a month or so now and we went to look at these, not thinking anything of it until Ben saw them. :) It was love at first sight. They were the last two pups of the litter and we had to take them both. There was no choosing between them. They are both already comfortable in our home, they toured the family homes and were excited to be in new places. The little girl, although she is the runt, is a smarty and very brave, she has stood up to all the big dogs she has seen. The chunky boy is big and loves to explore, but he's no dummy, he sees the big dogs and runs for mommy or daddy. They are both very different and very cute.

We have yet to get really good names for them, so come see them and help us decide on perfect names. Stay tuned for photos. I will try and get some in the next couple days.


Life out Here said...

Sounds like "Where the Red Fern Grows"!! That's really cool.

Anna said...

Raeshell!!!! I found your blog from Katie's blog.... she randomly found mine and I'm super excited now! You are as adventurous as ever and of course saving the planet and world left and right! I need to see more pictures!!! Especially of your new additions!! :)

Anna said...

You are killing me.... where are the pictures??!!!

Rae and Ben said...

Anna: Great to hear from you. Ben and I are living in the mountains for the summer with no internet, I haven't even looked at this blog in about 3 months. And I broke our camera, we are working on getting another one. I will try and post other photos that other people have taken. So stay tuned, I hope all is well with your adorable family.