Friday, May 9, 2008

Another St. George trip

This report is a little slow, we went to St. George about 3 weeks ago. :) But, it was so fun that I still had to share. Ben and I traveled to St. George Friday morning to climb at Moe's Valley, a bouldering field south of Green Valley Gap. Then Josalyn, Danny, Mike, Mieken, Jeremy and Sarah met us at our Green Valley camp sight late Friday night. Saturday we woke up, ate bagels and climbed at Chuckwalla. Our plan was to climb at Black Rocks, but the climbing area was closed due to turtle mating...interesting, I know. Then we went to a park and hung out, did some slacklining and playing frisbee square. Sunday morning Josalyn and I rode THE coolest trail, the Zen trail. The Zen trail starts just south of the Green Valley gap and follows the mesa up to overlook the valley west of the gap. The trail is fairly new and so there were many trail spurs that almost got us lost. The trail is very technical, at one point we rode through a cave, way cool. We had a blast, the trail's one shortfall is that it's only 6 miles long, a little short eh?

Anyway, moving on, then Josalyn and I caught up with the group at Turtle Wall. This was the best climbing we found in St. George. It was way fun and Ben had the chance to challenge himself in the cave. He climbing the famous 5.12 Banana Dance with no problem.

This weekend was awesome, can't wait to do it again.

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