Thursday, August 7, 2008


Hi all, Ben and I have been living in a cabin that is south east of Kamas, Utah. We are loving it, but there is no internet or phone service up there. We do have running water and heat and stuff though. So we have been a little out of touch. A few good things we have been doing include a rafting trip in Jackson, a pioneer trek reinactment in Wyoming, Rae getting West Nile Virus (or a similar virus) and being sick for forever then getting better and doing a 40 mile mountian bike ride. (A first for me) We had our third anniversary, we ate at Ruth's Chris (Thank you Steve and Wendy) and we watched the Dark Night (WOW! What a movie). I have been working a lot and summer is almost over. :( Good because work will slow down, but bad because I need to play more before the weather gets cold.

I hope everyone out there is doing well and enjoying the good weather. Get out and play!

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