Friday, October 19, 2007

So I'm trying to sell my Honda. Anyone know anyone who wants a

good reliable car for a fair price that's getting up there in miles? It's in good shape, we bought a new car. Not so new I guess, but new to us. We bought a 96 Subaru Impreza with only 118K on it. It was a screamin deal and I wanted something with AWD to go up the canyon and down each day.

So let me know if you have any leads to sell the good ol Accord.


The Kawasaki's said...

Cool pictures. I love your cliff jump... I can't help but think about how freezing cold those lakes were though! Burr... By the way, good job posting steepandcheap, however you really should have a disclaimer. Kenji loves it and even though we aren't making any $$$ right now he keeps buying stuff and not telling me till I notice he has a new pair of smith polarized sunglasses... I mean really, just because it's a good deal do you need 6 pairs, AS A LAW STUDENT! (It's more forgivable livin the life and being out doors all the time...) Tiffany

Deek said...

hey rae, this is teresa, from the ward. i think after reading your blog & the stuff you guys like to do....i realized we should all be best friends :) when are you doing your next tri? kyle & I wanted to do one soon..we should all train together!

Kyle said...

hey rae. this is kyle. ha ha :) so teresa and I are super excited for the trip this weekend. Did Ben get work off yet? Here is Teresa's number so we can all stay in touch. (801)367-5047