Saturday, April 11, 2009

The end of a good thing

Two nights ago, in the morning hours, we pulled into our driveway groggy after a long tired drive. Two days ago, at this same time we were snuggled in our warm sleeping bags in Moab Utah up Kane Creek road. We had found a great camp site Wednesday afternoon where we could fit 16 people and still be comfortable. After we staked out claim we went exploring and hiked to the top of a few mesa's in our area. We took the dogs on this hike and needless to say, wore them out by the end. Poor 11 year old Bailey tore her front two pads and was out for the rest of the trip.

That night many people arrived, one worth mentioning...a silver Toyota pickup truck blaring it's high beems throughout camp and yelling. "Rae!" There was no mistake who had arrived. :) Despite a few interuptions sleep outside was better then any sleep recently had at home. The next morning we split up, a group to Arches and a group to bike Amasa Back. The best story to come of this bike ride is Pete's murdered shorts. They slit from bottom to crotch in the first 5 minutes of the trail. Pete had a breezy ride. The trail was fun and the new fork gave a new meaning to smooth. :)

After the bike ride and Arches trip we decided to hike to a obvious mine across the valley. we hiked up about 20 min to a large wooden structure that looked ancient by desert standards, fairly new by more wet climate standards. The structure took form as a tower of wood and nails that once used to transport some mineral to those waiting below. The mine attached to this structure was not extremely deep, but it split into many fingers and went far enough back to keep me away. Ben explored of corse and found nothing too exciting. The way down was more exciting then anything else, we went straight down a huge boulder field, hopping like mountian goats, trying to keep up with Ben. The puppes came along and did great.

That night we all went into town and ate at the best Moab Mexican restaurant then had a fire and played capture the flag with lanterns. Joel sprained his ankle and Garrett lost some skin on the rock somewhere, the usual carnage of night games.

After sleeping in, we all went climbing just down the road at the Ice Cream parlor. I was quite impressed with theis adventurous crew, they all wanted to climb, so they did. We found a couple good routes, a 5.7 and a 5.9 just 10 min from out camp site. I led the 5.7 and Josie led the 5.9, a first for Ben, not leading anything. After a few hours, everyone got a turn and we headed down the rocky approach trail and on to Goblin Valley.

Getting to Goblin Valley proved to be more of an adventure then actually being there. Ben, Pete, Joel, Andrea and I all went back to camp first to pack up and the others went on to Goblin Valley. Needless to say, we got there only 5 min after they because they all missed the big brown sign that pointed to Goblin Valley. Everyone in different cars, not even traveling together, ended up in Hanksville, about 30 miles south of Goblin. Anyway, they all called me and we got them to the right place. We all explored the little HooDoos and at the end ate So Cupcakes. Thanks Amanda and Josie. ;)

Captain Morgan

Roommate photo, cute! (Andrea, Garrett, Amanda, Ben, Sydney, Rae, Turkish)


Life out Here said...

Looks like a great time, Rae! That goblin valley picture is unbelievable! Did you have a special camera for that?

I should fish out our old Goblin valley pictures and post them up.

Rae and Ben said...

Desi took the photos, she's got an amazing camera, getting paid to take photos now too, she's good.

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