Thursday, January 29, 2009

Finally some new stuff

Went skiing in the backcountry for the first time last week. It was amazingly fun and amazingly hard. I almost died, not really, I almost threw up though. I didn't eat enough, wasn't in good enough physical condition, and kept slipping because I'm an ameteur so all my energy was wasted just trying to get up the hill so the down was less the rewarding because I was beat. But it will go down as one of the coolest days ever. Thank you to Adam and Mike who saw me through. I'll do better next time, i promise. Can't wait to go again. Here is some footage.

This makes me look like a really crapy skiier, I'm really not that bad, but had no energy or muscle strength left. I haven't been that drained in...well...ever. It was great! Great motivation to get my butt in gear that is.

This next clip will give you a little chuckle, hehehe.


Life out Here said...

Ha ha! You don't look crappy! You just look really REALLY tired!! Ha ha. I can feel the way your legs probably felt right then going down- weak, a little shaky, burning, and every turn is the most you can do.

Good job on that, Rae! Where was this?

Rae and Ben said...

Days. we started across from Snowbird and went to the saddle then down the other side, ended up in BCC.

Life out Here said...


Rae and Ben said...

Actually straight accross from Alta. Up and over.