Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Christmas ramblings - read at your own risk (you may want that 5 min of your life back)

Oh the joy of the holiday. I have two favorite parts of Christmas, the first part is the best and most obvious, hanging out with the fam, but the second part is a little more misunderstood...Anticipation! The anticipation begins about a week before Thanksgiving when the first bold radio station plays a Christmas song (They only play one or two though, because everyone knows that Christmas music belongs after Thanksgiving) Then the Thanksgiving holiday gets you warmed up for some time off. You enjoy that day or two of not going to work and doing what YOU want to do. When you are back to work with a full lunchbox of turkey leftovers you have that taste of freedom on your tongue and realize that another brake is fast approaching. Now, back into the swing of real life you have Christmas surrounding you. Everywhere you go you hear bells, jingles and manger songs and everywhere you look is red, green and gold. Every store is on sale for gifts, buy this, buy that. You have a list in your head at all times, get this, get that. And although you have months to prepare, those last three weeks between Thanksgiving and Christmas are when you get all your shopping done anyway. If you are like me, you work and play very hard and leave little time for practical things, like shopping. This stress or adrenaline only adds to the anticipation. After Thaksgiving you also set up your tree, decorate your house and join the church choir for the Christmas program, because everybody knows that Christmas songs are the greatest songs anyway. That brings up church, what a great time to go to church. I love Christmas lessons. The entire month of December you get to hear about Christ, sacrifice, birth, love, Christ and Christ. I wish we could have these lessons off and on all year round, the true meaning of Christmas.

Anyway, my mind starts on one thing and ends on another, that's the way this grey matter enclosed within my scull works, it's odd sometimes.

I would like to say something quickly about my beef with the Christmas season. Why do we give gifts to people? Really. Why do we walk up and down aisles of clothes, gloves, candy, candles, toys, why do we subject ourselves to hours of indecisiveness for a gift for that one person you know with get you something so you have to find something for them, but unfortunately you don't even know them well enough to have an idea of what they may really want. We've all been there, admit it.

here's an idea, next Christmas lets not give any gifts. Let's plan ahead and give our Christmas gift to those we love and care about before Christmas, at a time when they seem to need it most. I would like to give gifts when its not expected, when there isn't a million gifts under every tree in every house. I want to give a gift that will suprise someone and really be special. So maybe next year, instead of raising my blood pressure one more notch to find something for someone who will be getting a million other gifts, so mine won't be as special anyway, I will give a gift in July and attach a note that says..."Merry Christmas, I thought this gift was perfect for you and I hope it brings you the spirit of Christmas when it's least expected"

(But we all know I will still give Christmas gifts in December)

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Kyle and Teresa said...

nice post :) I definitely agree with what you are saying. I don't understand the whole buy buy buy thing either. It'd be awesome to just give gifts when they would mean the most during the year & actually surprise someone for once. hope you guys are doing great!