Sunday, October 26, 2008

Real Life

Ben and I seem to be getting an extra helping of real life lately. Things seemed to be looking up, Ben's classes got reinstated, all of them and he is doing well. So the money issue is yet to be worked out completely, we have to go through an appeals process to get stafford student loans due to some past problems in school. Ben has some great help with his academics and this student loan issue, the Dean of the UVU Wasatch Campus has taken Ben under his wing and his showing him the ropes. So that should go through and hopefully we can get the loan.

In the mean time, we bought a car. My mom and her X-boyfriend offered us a great deal on a Nissan Xterra. We took it because it was a killer deal and to get in and out of the cabin in the winter we need a higher clearance 4-wheel drive vehicle. So I have been trying to sell my Subaru for the last couple month, had some bites, but last weekend I found a guy who wanted to buy the car for sure. We made a deal and on the way to meet him and get the check, the car broke down. No joke, it stopped running. It's at the mechanic now, the buyer is still interested if we can get it working again. Thank heavens for that. Hopefully its just the fuel pump like we think.

So the moral of the story is, patience. This has all been a lesson in perseverance for Ben and patience for me. I think we are coming out of these experiences better then before, what doesn't kill you makes you stronger right?


dbjj said...

hey you should have told me and i might have bought it, well maybe. anyway glad things are working out and hopefully your car will be ok. so how long you guys plan to e out there. we will have out apt doneby the end of nov. maybe sooner probably so keep that in mind if you ever need a place. miss ya around these parts! have fun in the winter at your cabin

Life out Here said...

SHOCK... You're selling your beloved and long-awaited for Subaru???????

Rae and Ben said...

The Subi is officially sold. Jos, I didn't even think that you guys would want it. I should have asked though.

But either way we are sporting a new Nissan Xterra. We will all have to go do something soon so you can check it out. We like it.