Wednesday, October 1, 2008

A dream come true

So, I can't believe I haven't posted this yet...for anyone who knows me even a little bit, you know I have been needing and pining after a new bike for sometime now. And if you know me really good, you know I have been wanting a Santa Cruz. Well, the heavens opened about a month ago and devine providence brought me to little website called and I randomly decided to check out the bikes. I found what is now known as the best find of the century. I found a 2002 Santa Cruz Bullit frame, medium size (my size), black and hot for sale for $325. That alone is a steal but after visiting this awesome seller with my buddy Adam, he offered up his titanium bottom bracket, XT front derailleur, carbon fiber cranks, Chris King head set, seat post clamp, rear fox float lockout shock and the frame for $350. HELLO!! I snatched that up as fast as I could manage. My dream come true right?

Well, to make the story even sweeter my said buddy Adam and his lovely girlfriend of seven years, Christine had the rest of the parts for this dream bike just hanging around their humble home. I took the frame there and next thing I know I have a full bike, huge fork, disc brakes, complete drivetrain, wheels, handlebars, pedals, everything! How do I ever repay these two for letting me "barrow" all their stuff? These two are amazing and we worked on this bike together many late nights to get it rolling.

So slowly I will buy up parts, I have recently purchased a wider handlebar and tomorrow will order a longer seatpost. I have to be searching for a good deal on a fork and get a drivetrain soon enough. What a killer deal and THANK YOU THANK YOU to Christine adn Adam, they are amazing.
This looks a lot like my bike, without the coil shock in the back, mine is air, sweet and plush! The fork isn't this big either and this bike has new really nice parts, mine are good, but working on the new part. Trying to set it up to be as cross country as possible, one bike to do it all. Gotta get in better shape though to lug it uphill. :) Love it!


Life out Here said...


Lucky lucky you.

congratulations on your newest addition to the family! Ha ha. Get a lot of quality time in!

By the way, I still don't know where you are living or anything. Really. Come on now.

Rae and Ben said...

I am in Woodland, aobu 15 min SE of Kamas. Ben and I are in the woods. :) It's fun!!

Rae and Ben said...

What are you up to these days? You doing to hit the PACT? Noah and Jonah's tele movie is playing tomorrow night at Bruvies at 7:00, you guys should go.

The Donnells said...

For one, you still talk to Noah and Jonah? For two, that is a very awesome bike, there is nothing like cheap and free to complete a set up. Let me know if you need anymore parts we have a whole garage full of them. My husband is a total bike geek and gets everything new every year, luckily at shop prices.

Life out Here said...

Ha ha, I talked to those guys a little while ago. They told me they were trying to forget the green suit days and thanked me for reminding them of them again. Funny fellas. I was trying to hook them up with some musicians for their movie. I didn't know the movie was tonight though. Or wait, was it last night? Now I don't know what day we are on. Did you go if it was?

That is very very very cool that yall are in the woods. I read about that in another post or comment you made or something. That is amazing. Are you house sitting or renting, or did you buy the place? That area is really pretty. We take drives up the Uintas about once a month or more if we can, on Sunday afternoons. If you get any reception, we'll give you a call next time and stop by with some necessities since you all are so far removed from society ha ha =).

Rae and Ben said...

Call the house 435-783-2511, we don't get cell reception or TV or anything, it's pretty cool.

And CHRIS, I need parts, i will buy them from your hubby.

Tiffany and Colin's spot said...

Sounds like Fun!

dbjj said...

i made a comment on your bike or not to bike blog which i thought was yours but this is Your real blog good i finally found it and i didnt know you had one cool. thanks for the ride, your jackson trip looked dang fun, im jealous. i gotta get my dad to pull out his boat to take us.