Sunday, January 6, 2008

The holidays

We had a great time, how about you? Ben did a fabulous job shopping for his wife for Christmas. He's always so worried he's not going to get less for me then I get for him. He was right on the dot this year and one of the bigger presents I bought for him got lost in the mail somewhere. Still working on finding it. Thanks to all our families and friends who were so generous in thinking of us. Thanks to Ben's parents for letting us sleep on their buffalo rug...that's a quality night sleep right there. Thanks to my Dad and Colleen for making Christmas mean a little more this year with our homemade gift Christmas.

New Years was a hoot, we hung out at "The Ranch" with Ben's fam, my sis and boyfriend and some of Libbi's friends. We stayed up late, ate a lot of food and played in the snow. Life is good.

We made goals for 2008. I don't like to call them New Year's resolutions, I don't believe in should be making resolutions all year, but all that said, we did make new goals. Guess they are kinda the same thing. I do believe we have a steady resolve in these goals. We have been successful so far...6 days straight. :)

What type of resolutions or goals were made out there? Here's to a great new year!


Life out Here said...

TO FINISH SCHOOL! Ha ha! And get outside more---

Life out Here said...

RAE! Write more!!