Thursday, November 22, 2007

Just waiting...

Waiting for snow that is. This has to be a record or something, Thanksgiving and not even a trace of snow. What's the deal? I've been a good girl, don't I deserve a little powder? Guess I shouldn't get into it too much, it's not like I get to buy a season pass to Snowbird this year, that's right, cry a tear for me. I am skiing at Park City this year. Gotta go where the pocket book dictates.

Speaking of pocket book, man are we bad a keeping a budget. We set it and even post it in visible places, I have even gone to the extreme of having cash envelopes, but we have no self control. I see a good deal for something we or I have needed and I have to get it, that deal may never come a long again. I usually wait until I find a deal to buy things, so when I find that crazy deal, I have to snatch it up. And Ben eats out like a mad man, its hard to eat a peanut butter and honey sandwich when everyone else is getting Wendy's. Ah, well...if anyone has advice on how to conquer the over-budget spendings, let us know.

Happy Thanksgiving to all and "I hope you Gobble, gobble, gobble until you wobble, wobble, wobble." (Quote curtousey of Jenn Carpenter)


The Kawasaki's said...

I have trouble with the budget thing too, and I'm going to be an accountant. How silly is that. Kenji is the worst when it comes to killer steep and cheap deals though. Honestly how many ski jackets and sunglasses can one man have? (Especially when we aren 't skiing every day anymore...) I hope you had a good thanksgiving!

Rae and Ben said...

You too, I got your I loved it! I laughed so hard I almost went in my pants. Are you designing anymore?

byoung said...


since you are wanting budget advice check out this funny clip

i hope it snows too! talk to you soon,

The Kawasaki's said...

Hi Rae!
Not too much going on in the design department. I like to do it for personal projects and I have started making quilts but I found I really didn't enjoy having to cater to someone else's vision!
Anyway, check out Jarom set up my friend EJ with a prosthetic for telemark skiing. I hope you are enjoying winter! We need some more posts from you!

Jessica said...

We love your blog. It was so great to see you guys last week! Keep posting cool stuff so we can keep up on your adventures.
Andrew and Jess